Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Chocolate Bear Bread-in-a-Cone

Children's day is coming and every year the mummies are asked to contribute to their class parties. So this is an early trial for the kids =). I came across cute bread in cones from the talented Little Miss Bento's blog. And my kids love anything looking like ice cream! For those who knew me years back, I actually tried baking chiffon cakes in cone cups 4 years back for the same reason! The chiffon cake-in-cone tasted great out of the oven, but unfortunately cones become soggy after 2 hrs. This bread-in-a-cone is great! Cones do not become soggy so they can be kept and can be made beforehand for parties =).

This is my version of the Bread-in-a-cone. I added little hands because I thought they would be so cute with little hands popping out! So here goes!

Chocolate Bear Bread-in-a-Cone (adapted from Little Miss Bento) (Makes 6) 
100g Prima bread flour
1 tsp cocoa powder
2 tbsp sugar
1 tsp instant dry yeast
130g warm milk (~37°C, I microwaved for 20 secs)

100g Prima bread flour
20g unsalted butter
1/3 tsp salt

6 ice cream cone cups

Black food marker for decoration

*She recommended pudding cups or canele tins to support the cone cups. I didn't have so I used a muffin or heart pan to hold the cones in position. This is to prevent toppling as it is rather heavy on top as it bakes.

*I used Kenwood mixer instead of hand kneading.

1. In the stand mixer bowl, add all the dry ingredients in (A). Then add in the warm milk and mix vigorously using the dough hook for a few minutes. This helps to activate the yeast. Stop when you see little tiny bubbles popping when you stop stirring.

2. Add in the rest of (B) ingredients into the bowl. and mix using the dough hook until window pane stage (around 20 min, using speed 3). *Check for window pane

After kneading for 20 min

3. Cover with cling wrap. Let it proof for 40 min for 1st fermentation. The dough will increase in size to about 1.5-2 times.

4. Do the finger test for the bread dough (leave an indent). Once the 1st fermentation is ok, remove the dough from the mixing bowl and degas the dough.

5. Divide the dough into 6 equal parts. Shape into balls and cover for 10mins (bench time).

*In the meantime, insert the cone cups into the holder pan.

6. After 10 min, flatten the dough and section out 2 small parts for the bear’s ears, and 2 smaller parts for bear's hands. Shape the larger dough into a ball, and then cup on one end to shape one end into a pointed end (tear drop shape) to fit into the cone cups.

7. Repeat for the rest of the bread dough. Attach the ears and hands onto the bread. I used pasta sticks to prevent ears from dropping after proofing. I didn't need to use for the hands as they were small.

Last proof, I proofed it in the oven (not turned on) as it's a little warm

8. Cover gently with cling wrap. Let it rest for 30 min for 2nd fermentation. *Do not overproof it, as the cones may become a little soft.

9. Preheat oven to 180°C. Place the cone buns into the oven then lower to 150°C. Bake at 150°C for 30 min.

10. Cool the cone buns completely.

11. Draw on features using food marker.

Looking cute and fat after cooling!

My girl who loves bread finished two in a row!

With lots of love,

*Some updates, preordered books for my new Deco Chiffon Cake Basics book came on 22nd and I have mailed all out on 23rd! I have recieved messages from some that they have received it. Hope that you have received yours soon!
Those who missed it, no worries, it will hit the bookstores in mid-October in Singapore. For neighbouring countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, it will be in bookstores in 2 months =). Thank you!


  1. Do you happen to know why the cones don't become soggy but those with chiffon cakes become soggy? I am jus curious :)

    1. Hi Wendy, chiffon cakes absorb moisture over time due to the sugar content (hygroscopic) that's why any biscuit in contact will become wet and soft. The bread has much lower sugar so doesn't have the same problem of soggy. It does become a little less crisp over time. But not soggy. My kids still like it after a day. U can toast the cone a little before eating in both cases if you want to crisp it up. Thanks!

  2. Will the cone become soggy with butter cakes/cupcakes?

    See Ling