Monday 18 September 2017

Minion Coconut Macaron Cake Toppers

I made these Minion macaron cake toppers for Susanne's elder daughter's birthday a while back :).

This was a bake done concurrently with the Gudetama coconut macarons using a reduced-sugar Swiss method recipe so you may refer to that post for details of the recipe.

Just to share some photos of the process...

Piping the shells!

A darker blue was used for the overalls so that I can paint over lighter blue on the baked shells to create a denim-like texture. The paint was made by dissolving blue and white gel food colouring in some vodka. I painted some streaks or highlights on the overalls to create the denim texture. The other details were added on using royal icing or edible marker.

Filling the shells with coconut white chocolate ganache.

It brought a smile to my face to know that the little girl loved the macarons very much :)

With lots of love,
Auntie Phay Shing

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