Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Singapore Flag Earl Grey Cream Puff

I have made Singapore flag brown sugar cookies, shortbread cookies, chiffon cake pops, snowskin mooncake and macarons before. Here's my first attempt at making Singapore flag choux pastry!

I was testing out Jell-O's instant pudding mix as choux pastry filling as I am planning for a Choux pastry class for kids and wanted something really simple yet yummy. It is really good and easy! But instead of using just milk as the packaging suggested, I used a mix of milk and whipping cream. Texture is almost like homemade pastry cream. I added some Earl Grey powder to flavour it. I don't have to provide the recipe for this as you just follow package instructions but replace half of milk with whipping cream. The instant pudding mix comes with flavours such as lemon, white chocolate, vanilla and chocolate. I used the vanilla packet for making this Earl grey pudding filling.

I finally have a small window of time to do more experiments with Choux pastry so I decided to make the Singapore flag design in time for National Day.

As this may be featured in my next Creative Baking book on Choux pastries, I am unable to provide the full recipe. But you may refer to any recipe on the blog that uses cookie dough on top of the piped pastry batter as a reference.

Here's a peek at the cookie dough I place on top of each piped dollop of batter.

Oops! Accidentally broke one.

Do keep a lookout for other exciting Choux pastry creations that I am coming up with.

Happy birthday Singapore!

With love,
Phay Shing

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