Monday, 13 August 2018

Chiffon Succulent Cake

My healthier chiffon version of a Succulent cake with no cream! Do you like it?

The cake is made entirely from chiffon cake, including the pot and the succulents. The 'pot' is made from baking vanilla-chocolate chiffon cake in a ball cake pan. The bigger pointed succulents were made my cutting sheet cakes into a long zigzag and then rolling them up. The skinnier spiny ones were by stacking snowflakes from chiffon cakes. The long stems at the back were from piping chiffon sheet cakes with light and dark lines and then cutting them out. The flowers were cut using flower cutters and then rolling up the flowers. The stones were cut from chiffon thick cakes.

Do you like pink or white?

The spiny succulents can be found in my Tri-flavour earth tone chiffon cake in my newest book Deco Chiffon Cake Basics (cover below) too. 

Hope you like my humble creation!

With lots of love,

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