Saturday 26 November 2016

'Noah's Ark' Chiffon Cake

This was a labor of love and I had so much fun transforming a vanilla-chocolate chiffon cake into a 'Noah's Ark'! The ark is filled with numerous chiffon cake animals and crowned by a chiffon cake rainbow!

There are many elements in the cake, I'll try to break it down. The 'ark' itself is made from Vanilla Chocolate Chiffon Cake.

Vanilla Chocolate Chiffon (6-inch chiffon tube pan)
Egg yolk batter
2 egg yolks
17g castor sugar
30g vegetable/corn oil
33g water
1 tsp vanilla extract
40g prima cake flour, sifted
13g cocoa powder, sifted (dutch-processed)
¼ tsp baking powder
A pinch of salt

3 egg whites
1/4 tsp cream of tartar
30g castor sugar

1. Preheat oven to 160°C (I used steam baking but it's optional).
2. Beat egg yolks with sugar with whisk till light and frothy before stirring in oil, water and vanilla extract.
3. Add in sieved flour, cocoa and baking powder, and whisk till no trace of flour found.
4. Meringue: Beat the egg whites with ¼ tsp cream of tartar till stiff peak, mixing in caster sugar in 2 additions.
5. Fold in the meringue gently into the batter 1/3 at a time.
6. Scoop the batter into the chiffon tin and gently tap the tin on table to remove air bubbles
7. Bake the cake for 15 min at 160°C then 25 min at 140°C.
8. Invert immediately once out of the oven and leave to cool on cooling rack.
9. Unmould after the cake is cool.(see video tutorial ‘Hand unmoulding Chiffon cakes for a clean finishing’).

I baked an orange chiffon sheet cake to cut tiles for the ark, and stuck on them using melted marshmallows. 

Chiffon Cake animals
Recipe/ picture tutorial for chiffon cake animals and sheep cake pops are in Creative baking: Deco Chiffon Cakes. The highlight of my 2nd cookbook is cute animals (character chiffon).

Chiffon Cake rainbow
Recipe/ picture tutorial is in Creative baking: Chiffon Cakes ('chiffon cake rainbow' is the most right picture in the poster below).

Ark house
I baked the same vanilla chocolate chiffon cake above in a silicone house mold, but converted to an ark but sticking on a chiffon cake 'roof'.

As you can see, it was quite a lot of work and made with lots of love!

With love,

Upcoming baking demo at Popular Bookfest Cookout event! 
"Do you want to build a 'Chiffon Cake Snowman'?"


  1. Is unmoulding by hand only suitable for smaller chiffon cakes? I tried unmould my 10" chiffon cake and could reach the bottom. I freaked out and used my palette knife to unmould.

    1. I also hand unmould my 10-inch chiffon cake. Usually it falls out quite easily. Thanks