Thursday 17 November 2016

'Froggy' Pandan Salted Egg Yolk Chiffon Cake

I made this Pandan Salted Egg Yolk Chiffon Cake for Kinokuniya and also for party! The interesting flavour was actually requested by my friend. It turned out to be pretty fascinating and yummy, making our pandan chiffon cake more tasty and savoury (think pandan liu sha bao)! So do try it if you are getting bored of our normal pandan chiffon cake =). My friends who tried it said it was the softest chiffon cake ever!

Christmas came early! I received my first-ever kitchen machine - Chef Sense XL from Kenwood! Finally I can whip large volumes of meringue with ease without getting an arm ache and overheating problems. This cool mixer can whip up to 6.7 litres of meringue, a cool 16 egg whites! It’s a dream come true as I often make big cakes. It whips up soft fluffy meringue at less than half the time I usually take with a hand mixer. Not only that, I can multitask while the machine is faithfully doing its job. The meringue quality is also finer and smoother as compared to a hand mixer for large volumes, maybe because of the overheating issues with the hand mixer. Another really cool thing is the slim design of the mixer that requires really little space in my tight kitchen. The machine also comes with a dough hook for bread and a K-beater for mixing creamy cake/biscuit batter. More things to try in the future!

Recipe for:

Pandan Salted egg yolk chiffon (17-cm chiffon tube pan)
3 egg yolks
20g castor sugar
41g vegetable/corn oil
51g milk
60g prima cake flour
¼ tsp baking powder (optional)
1/5 tsp salt
2 salted duck egg yolks (boiled and mashed into fine crumbs)
1 tsp pandan paste
¼ tsp vanilla extract

4 egg whites
45g castor sugar
¼ tsp cream of tartar

1. Boil 2 salted duck eggs (or you can buy those vacuum packed boiled ones if you are lazy). Mash salted egg yolks with the back of a spoon into fine crumbs.

2. Preheat oven to 160°C. Prepare a 17-cm tube pan.

3. Prepare egg yolk batter for salted egg yolk chiffon. First whisk egg yolks with sugar, then oil, milk, pandan paste and vanilla extract. Sift flour and salt into salted duck egg yolks, mix well and then sieve/push the flour-salted duck egg yolks into egg yolk batter and mix well.

4. Prepare meringue: whisk egg whites with cream of tartar till frothy. Add in ½ castor sugar for meringue and whisk at high speed till soft peaks form. Add in rest of the castor sugar for meringue and whisk till firm peaks form, or just the point of stiff peak.

5. Fold meringue gently into egg yolk batter gently 1/3 at a time.

6. Pour the batter into tube pan, tap on counter top or run a chopstick to remove air bubbles and then bake at 160°C. for 15 min then 140°C. for 31 min, or until skewer inserted comes clean.

7. Allow to cool inverted fully before unmoulding by hand (see video tutorial ‘Hand unmoulding Chiffon cakes for a clean finishing’).

Using my Kenwood mixer, I can whip by a 9 egg recipe (9 eggs, 12 whites), hands-free and faster!

Adding in the castor sugar in two additions.

The meringue increases 5-fold but doesn’t overflow the deep bowl.

Some tips: I find it useful to to pulse the mixer once at full speed after adding in the sugar to mix well, before turning the knob back to settings '4' for smoother meringue.

The pandan salted egg yolk chiffon recipe gives a lovely light green hue. I decorated the chiffon cake with some cake cut-outs into a cute froggy, using melted marshmallows as glue.

Hope this lovely creations brightens up your day, and do try it! =)

With lots of love,

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