Saturday, 11 September 2021

Apple Black Tea 'Basket of Apples' Cake

After making the chiffon apples in biscuit basket, I made another version of the "apples in basket" theme with the same flavour (apple black tea) but with the basket made out of cake this time! This was for my dad's and uncle's combined birthday celebration.

The apples are the same as what I made for my dad's small birthday bake where each large apple has an apple black tea diplomat cream and apple dragonfruit black tea jelly filling. Here's how the cross-section looks like! 

The mini apples don't have filling because it would have been challenging to insert it in. 

The recipe for the cake (chiffon sponge, diplomat cream and jelly) can be found over here where I did my trial bake for cake flavour. I made chiffon apples back in 2014 when I first discovered that cake marbling technique can be used to create the patterns on the apple. I have done basket weave type of cake using chiffon sponge a number of times since I made the first one for my mum's birthday in 2015. But this is the first time I am making it this complicated as there is a heart-shaped hole at the side of the basket revealing the layers of goodies that the cake is made up of. While I usually make a half basket weave covered cake as the cake base to showcase the basket weave as well as the beautiful yummy cake layers, I thought this would look a little odd for the apple theme. But I am not willing to cover up the sides totally in basket weave as it is a pity to hide the goodies inside. I ended up with a compromise of a hole at the side to showcase the cake layers and basket weave. This is the first time I sliced the chiffon sponge cake into 5 layers too. Usually I slice into 3 layers only. Quite a challenge to slice it so thinly because chiffons are so soft! 

Here's a peek at the layer of filling between sponge layers. 

Apple black tea diplomat cream and apple dragonfruit black tea jelly

Here's a view of the basket cake without the apples! 

I baked very thin layer of chiffon sponges to make the basket weave. I added a little more kocha powder (black tea powder) and a little cocoa powder to make a slightly darker brown for the basket weave but I think it isn't too obvious 😂. 

I chose a heart shaped opening at the basket because this bake is made with lots of love for the people who love me. My uncle treats me like his own daughter although he never had children, and has continued to support my family over the years. So this cake is a little gift I make in return for all the love and care. 

With lots of love,

Phay Shing

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