Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Hello Kitty Popsicle Celebration (Online Class)

Here is the second class which I am launching with Sanrio!

Titled Hello Kitty Popsicle Celebration, Hello Kitty dressed in red and white and getting ready to celebrate SG National day with us! =)

These yummy chiffon cake popsicles are vanilla-strawberry flavoured. This item is easier to bake and fun to make for the whole family. We hope that these online classes will promote bonding as we celebrate National day at home. Sign-up link for the class is here.

There are also options to add on baking kits with popsicle mold, ice cream sticks, and ingredients pre-weighed!

Hope these cheerful Hello Kitty popsicles made you smile!

With lots of love,


  1. Any chance you r considering more online classes ??

  2. Wow! It looks delicious! I love yummy chiffon cakes popsicles with vanilla-strawberry flavoured. They are perfect for holiday at home.