Thursday, 16 July 2020

BT21 Chiffon Cake (Giant Cupcake)

Which is your favourite BT21 and BTS character?🥰

BT21 made entirely from chiffon cake! 💕 This design is a Giant cupcake and I thought it was quite cool and symbolic that Van (the ARMY) in grey is the giant cupcake supports them all! =p

This is not my first BT21 creation. Check out my previous BT21 cake here!

BT21 is a collaboration between BTS and Line friends. Each BT21 character is inspired by a real-life BTS member =)

Kookie (bunny) - Jungkook
Chimmy (dog) - Jimin
Shooky (small cookie) - Suga
Koya (koala) - RM
Mang (horse) - J-Hope
RJ (alpaca) - Jin
Tata (heart alien) - V

Hope you like this creation! Stay safe!

With lots of love,

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