Monday, 1 April 2019

One Piece Luffy Chiffon Cake

Finally had the courage to try Luffy, my favorite character from One Piece!

Even among my creations, I have some favorites and this is one of my new favorites! I was very thankful of the outcome as I was always apprehensive of making more complex human characters as they require more attention to detail, and it is not always easy to capture their expressions accurately. I thought this Luffy did have that wide-eyed carefree grin characteristic of him, so I was very thankful. The character also has many different colours and features to put together. I guess making the Chopper Chiffon Cake gave me some courage! And I thank God it worked out. The recipe for the Wood-style crate Chiffon Cake he is sitting on has been shared here. Hope this creation brings a smile to your faces too! I am a One Piece lover =p.

With lots of love,

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