Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Refreshing Mango and Milk Jelly

Besides making a Pandan Kaya Gula Melaka chiffon sponge and pudding cake topped with sweet potato Ondeh-Ondeh again for my dad's birthday this year, I also made a simple dessert. The cake was for dad to celebrate his birthday with other extended family members on another day so we had this refreshing mango jelly for dessert after a buffet lunch!

The mint leaves complimented the jelly in terms of looks and taste as well!

Here is another close-up view of this dessert just before we were about to eat it but a day after I made it.

Hubby bought some really nice mangoes so I couldn't resist making this dessert. I had to keep mum who has diabetes in mind so I didn't add too much sugar. Feel free to add more according to taste.

In order to create the layered stripe effect, I I made my own tall squarish jelly mould using plastic cake rings. I taped two pieces side by side to create a taller wall so that I can make a jelly with many layers without using too much ingredients.

Size is about 5x5 cm at the base

This plastic cake ring is sold in huge rolls with many pieces at Phoon Huat. I use it for moulding sponge and pudding cakes and as homemade cookie cutters too. Extremely versatile 😊.

I should have used cling wrap instead of aluminium foil to cover the base of the plastic walls as a little jelly leaked from below but it's not a major leak. Chill the whole mould on a small baking tray or plate in the fridge before filling with jelly.

I will share the recipe for the three types of jelly I made for this dessert, namely clear jelly, milk jelly and mango jelly. Feel free to layer your dessert any way you want it. I chose to use gelatin sheets this time as it doesn't have as strong a smell as powdered gelatin but feel free to use powder if you wish.

The striped jelly pieces are made rather firm so that it can withstand handling without disintegrating. If you aren't creating this stripe pattern like I did, feel free to use less gelatin for those layers for a softer texture.

I used Ann Low's recipe as a reference.

Striped jelly layers
Clear jelly:
90g water
2 tsp sugar (or more if prefer sweeter)
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
5g gelatin sheet* (about 2.5 sheets)
Some water to soak the gelatin sheets

Milk jelly:
90g fresh milk
1 tsp sugar (or to taste)
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
5g gelatin sheet*
Some water to soak gelatin sheet

*You may use gelatin powder but soak in cold water for a few minutes before melting it in microwave or by double boiling. Ratio should be 1 tsp of gelatin powder to 1 tbs of water.

1. Soak the gelatin sheets in water until softened.

2. Place water/milk in small saucepan with sugar and vanilla extract. Heat until just beginning to boil.

3. Remove from heat and add softened gelatin sheets. Stir until gelatin is dissolved. Cool to room temperature.

4. Gently pour about 1 tbs of milk jelly into the mould. Chill in fridge for about 5-6 min or until set. Repeat with about 1 tbs of clear jelly. Keep repeating until all jelly liquid is used up. Remember to layer on gently to prevent air bubbles from forming. If there are bubbles, use a toothpick to nudge it to the edge of the mould and try to pop it with a corner of kitchen paper towel.

5. Chill whole thing for at least 2h or overnight before slicing into strips. This is not difficult to make. Just requires patience to layer 😆.

The jelly is firm enough to be handled easily with your hands.

Mango jelly
Ingredients (Fills 6-7 small cups)
1 large to 2 mangoes (350g mango puree)
2 tbs sugar (or to taste)
1 tbs lemon juice
1/2 tsp vanilla extract (optional)
A pinch of salt
8g gelatin sheet (about 4 sheets)
Some water for soaking gelatin sheets

1. Combine sieved mango puree, salt, sugar, lemon juice and vanilla in a mixing bowl. Whisk until sugar dissolve.

2. Microwave om medium power for 10 seconds or double boil soaked gelatin until melted.

3. Gradually add melted gelatin to mango puree and whisk after each addition. Pour into jelly cup and refrigerate for 10 minutes or until set before layering on.

Here is a peek at how I assembled the jelly. I added a small dollop of mango puree in the middle.

I ended off the layering with a mix of milk and mango jelly (pale yellow layer) and finally more milk jelly on top.

If you want to make a refreshing and easy dessert, why not try this especially when mangoes are in season.

With lots of love,
Phay Shing

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