Saturday 18 November 2017

Mermaid Tail Chiffon Cake

I love turquoise colour very much so it was a joy to make this Mermaid Chiffon Cake with pretty mermaid tail and purple shells, inspired by the Little Mermaid. I was a little reminded of Legend of the Blue Sea show which I loved earlier =p.

Briefly, it was made by sculpting and cutting a chiffon cake into the shape of a tail, and then covering it with scales cut from chiffon sheet cakes of different colours. I used marshmallow cream to stick the pieces on. It was very tedious as you can imagine, to assemble the scale piece by piece from circle cut-outs from chiffon sheet cakes. It was a lot of work but thankful cake was very well-received, which brings the most joy =).

This is actually the 2nd time I am making a Mermaid Tail Chiffon Cake! The last cake was pink in scheme for a close mummy friend a year ago, still in my backlogs.. oops!

I've been really busy with kids, so sorry for less posts lately. Thank God for his grace in sustaining daily!

With lots of love,

PS: Story of the behind the scenes on my IG @susanne.decochiffon (20/11/17)

New Deco Chiffon Cake Basics Book launch event on 2nd Dec 2018, 4pm at Kinokuniya, Ngee Ann City! Cu there :) (taken from kinokuniya instagram). Thankful it was in Top 10 Non-fiction bestsellers in Kinokuniya!

Deco Chiffon Cake books


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