Friday 17 November 2017

Happy Bunny Reduced-Sugar Coconut Macarons

Hubby and I use Wechat to communicate because we simply love the range of expressive and cute emojis. One of our favourite is this happy bunny that is absolutely adorable. You can't help but smile or even laugh looking at the range of emojis :). And since I was fine-tuning the recipe for my upcoming reduced-sugar coconut snowflake macaron class, I thought of squeezing in a few cute macarons for hubby's birthday :).

I had so much fun playing the pieces for photography!

I used the Swiss method to make these macarons. As I will be conducting the class using this macaron shell and filling recipe, I won't type it out in detail here. I tweaked my original recipe for making Gudetama coconut macarons to make these bunnies.

Just to share a couple of photos...

Piping out the bunny

Filling the shells with less sweet coconut white chocolate ganache

My hubby loved the coconuty taste of the macarons and said it's not overly sweet. And of course can't help but smile looking at the cuties :).

With lots of love,
Phay Shing

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