Sunday 22 October 2017

Hello Kitty Princess Chiffon Cake

I made this Hello Kitty Princess Chiffon Cake for my dear friend's little princess!

I first experimented with Hello Kitty chiffon cake many years back at the start of the creative chiffon journey for my daughter who loved Hello Kitty. Have not made it for many years (partly due to copyright concerns, so I don't make this for orders, only for own consumption or very close friends). For those who are interested on how I made it, hop on to my old post here =).

Thank God it was well-received and made the little princess very happy!

With lots of love,

My new book Deco Chiffon Cake Basics (a step-by-step picture guide) is now available in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand! Updated availability including e-book version can be found here. I added in some reviews/encouraging comments I had! So thankful for them!

Wishing you all a blessed week!


  1. Hi Susanne, how did you assemble the head on the body?

    1. Thanks I used melted marshmallow with dowel supports. I have shared about this 'glue' in my cookbooks. thank you!

  2. Wow.... Nice HK princess cake.

  3. Hi...very nice ....may i know how long u bake for the kitty skirt? What pan u used? tq

    From: amanda

  4. hello, may i know is this cake still available?
    if yes, pls contact me @ 96555994 Name: Emma

  5. hello, may i know is this cake still available?

  6. Hi, how much for this HK cake? Can i place an order with you for my girl 3 y/o birthday in March? Kindly contact me at 85111362. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.