Monday 21 September 2015

Hiro Raspberry White Chocolate Macarons (Tsum Tsum series part 5)

This is the last in the series of Tsum Tsum macaron bake! Finally! Here are some Hiro macarons with raspberry white chocolate filling amongst the rest of my Tsum Tsum bakes!

These macarons do not need refrigeration.

You may refer to this recipe for the basic batter and steps, and my newly made macaron video tutorials just in case you need more visuals :).  Just some points to note...

Use a Wilton #12 tip to pipe on the purple shell. Use a Wilton #3 tip to pipe on the thin purple part. Bang the tray on table before resting for 15 minutes. Pipe in the beige part with a Wilton #10 tip. Bang tray on table before drying the shells for 1-2h in air-con room or until dry to touch.

Freshly piped shells

Bake at 130-140°C for 17-20minutes, rotating the tray halfway through baking. Bake at 120°C for 5 minutes more if still not dry and check again.

Freshly baked shells!

Prepare some royal icing to add on the face.

Filling the shells!

Here's the whole collection of the macarons I made in a batch! Well... Almost. There's still an extra Rilakkuma, a few bears and basic shapes not included in the picture. I froze the bear shells for future work. Otherwise it's too much work for me in a single sitting!

Macaron mania!

Thank God that these macarons were very well received!

With love,
Phay Shing


  1. Hi phay, I'm having issues with pipping details like ears and add-on where the macarons crack from the at the side or on connecting points.
    like for the hiro macaron, i could see the macaron cracking from the face.
    any tips for that

    1. 2 possibilities
      1. You rested the batter for the head for too long before piping the ears. Once a sticky membrane forms, you need to pipe adjacent/pop up features or it will crack along boundary. Cracks happen if you wait too long due to the stress created by expanding batter at vastly different rates in the oven. But if you pipe too soon, the boundary won't be well defined. This short window of time is critical to catch.
      2. You didn't rest the piped batter long enough before baking. Boundaries are weak points so they need to be thoroughly dry before baking. Run a finger across the surface of piped batter. Apply gentle pressure with finger. The membrane should be sturdy enough to resist any light pressure and feel firm and not soft to touch. I would rather risk hollows from resting long than getting cracked shells.
      I hope this helps!