Wednesday 2 September 2015

Baby Elmo and Cookie Monster Chiffon Cake

It’s baby Elmo and Cookie Monster! Weee...
The cute Elmo and cookie monster are made entirely of chiffon cake. Their heads are made from chiffon cake baked in egg shells, their body from paper cones, feet and eyes from cake pops, and arms carved from swissrolls. And they are wearing diapers made from vanilla chiffon cake!
They are sitting on a Reduced egg yolk vanilla chiffon cake, and decorated with colourful circles/pops from rainbow-colored layer cakes. I hid colorful gobstoppers and rainbow marshmallows within the cake and covered it up with a Giant cookie!
The colourful balls (from gobstoppers) created a pretty effect, but I learnt a good lesson not to put them on till right before the party as some of them may absorb moisture from the cake. Thank God for helping and it was well-received.
Happy birthday to little cute Heidy!

With lots of love,


  1. hi...very nice cake..may I know the bottom cake rainbow round pcs pcs it make from what mould? so mini round..thanks


  2. and the eyes and feet u said is from cakepop..have so small cake pop mould?

    mind to share?