Sunday 29 March 2015

3D Peppa and George 2-Tier Chiffon Cake

This is a cute 3D Peppa and George chiffon cake I made for little Liam who turned 3! My heart was still heavy in the light of yesterday’s events, so the news that the cake made the boy delighted and was well-received brought some cheer. I hope the spirit of unity will continue and we will cherish it in our hearts.

Back to the cake, this is probably one of the most challenging and time-consuming cakes I have made after Carousel, taking 2 days just for assembly. I took a long time to cut the tiniest limbs I have ever cut and to bake the 9 layers of different colours and shades (red, pink, dark blue, light blue, brown, dark green, yellow... etc.) for the decoration, and also the egg cakes making up the Peppa and George’s bodies, and the 7-inch and 9-inch base normal chiffon cakes. As it is a rather convoluted bake so I will just summarise the main points.

Peppa’s face was baked in a jumbo egg, while George’s face was baked in a normal egg. Peppa’s body was baked in a small glass bowl (find the smallest you can find), and George’s body from another egg. Remember to remove the inner membrane for the eggshells cleanly (for more details on how to prepare, please see peppa and rainbow pops). The face shapes were done by cutting the nose snout flat and then carving out the snout with a sharp knife. The rest of the features eg sun and house were cut with the help of cutters or knife from the layer cakes and glued on with melted marshmallows. The two base chiffon cakes consisted of vanilla chiffon cake, divided into 1/3 pandan, 2/3 blue pea flowers (used to reduce the amount of blue colouring used). Blue was at the base, followed by pandan at the top.

Happy birthday to Liam!! It was a joy to bake for you! :) Look forward to Phay Shing's cute cupcakes too ;).

With lots of love,


  1. Wowww!! This cake is super-awesome!! May I know if you'd do one for my child's birthday in October? Please email the charges to , Thank you!!!

  2. Hi Susanne,
    This peppa pig cake is cute, may I know the charges?
    pls email to
    I would like to have it on Feb 16, 2016 for my 4 years old gal.

  3. Hi dear
    Could u pls share details abt the cost n where to order from..??...if not a hassel pls revert bck to my mail ID

    1. Hi can you email to Thank you!

  4. hi can i check how much is the cake.pls email to

  5. hi can i check how much is the cake.pls email to

  6. Hi Susanne, I'm interested to know about more about your Peppa Pig Chiffon cake. Can you please email at Thanks

  7. Can email me the price and estimate for how many pax (children) to consume?

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    Can email me the price of the Peppa Pig Chiffon cake? Size of cake for 30 children in november 2016
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  9. hi can u get in touch with me to let me knw d cost of such a cake (but wld love to hv d whole family) and if it is possible by 22 jan this mth if i order now? thank u! oh i wld also like to find out price of d chiffon cupcakes :) thank u!!!

  10. Hi can you please email to Peppa pig can't be made now for orders due to licensing issues, but toppers can be used. Thanks for your kind understanding!

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  12. hi, I'm interested in this case. how much is the charges. look forward to get the details from u. my email add is

  13. Hi, this is so lovely. Could you please email me the cost please? Thank you.