Monday 16 March 2015

Hello Kitty Doll Tiered Chiffon Cake

This is a 2.5 tier Hello Kitty Doll made of fully of chiffon cake from the face to the dress, for a mummy with 3 kids like me! =) Her girl also just turned 1 like mine and she was a joy to bake for. I have previously shared how to bake a Hello Kitty face chiffon cake (see Hello Kitty Chiffon Cupcake/Cake pops). I had made it for my dear daughter’s birthday last year =).

It’s my first experiment making cake dress ruffles out of chiffon cake. The dress ruffles are made by using a 2-inch round cutter to cut out a circle from a layer chiffon cake, and then folding the circular chiffon cake half and then another half to form a quarter, and then sealing the edges with melted marshmallows to form a rosette ruffle. The marshmallow glue was also used to glue it to the cake. Two 10-inch layer chiffon cakes were used just to make enough cake ruffles to cover the base of the bottom tier! Hence it was rather tedious.

The two chiffon cake tiers were strawberry (top) and blueberry (bottom) modified with vanilla flavour. I have finally found a way to prevent the blueberry powder from making the chiffon cake patchy! I made blueberry juice using the powder first and then used a coffee filter to remove the blueberry bits.

Thank God cake was well-received and I was super touched she sent a recording of her son saying/singing "thank you".

With lots of love,


  1. Hi Susanne,
    This is so so adorable.
    The little girl who received this cake must be so happy!!