Wednesday 25 March 2015

Elsa Doll Chiffon Cake

And the Frozen fever never ends! This is an improved version of my previous Elsa Doll Chiffon Cake with Olaf. I have to thank my friend for providing me with such a gorgeous Elsa doll to work with! Here, I combined chiffon cakes from a doll cake tin with a 9-inch tin (13 eggs recipe) to build a big Elsa doll gown (9-inches tall). I tried to go ‘understated’ this time, going for a classic ribbon frill all around tied with snowflakes, with diagonal snowflakes trains. Thank God that my friend’s daughter loved it.

With lots of love,

"50 years ago, he wept for the nation. 50 years later, the nation wept for him". Thank you Mr Lee Kuan Yew for leaving behind a beautiful legacy for us.

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