Saturday, 9 May 2020

Toilet Roll Roll Cake

A luxurious 5-ply Toilet roll Roll Cake that literally unravels into continuous sheets of roll cake like the paper 🧻! 🤭😛

I always wanted to make a REAL toilet roll cake that unravels! 🤩 Hope this cute cake made you smile amidst this extended "stay-home" period! ☺

Here is another view of the cake! The soft cake layers are clearer from here.

Do you prefer this swiss roll version or the previous chiffon cake version more?
Flavour is yummy coconut chiffon roll sponge, and the cake is really soft and fluffy!

For those who want to try, Online Video Tutorial Class available here 💕.
If you try out this cake, do tag me; I will love to see it and share your results.

Take care!

With lots of love,

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