Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Giant Macaron and Ice Cream Sundae Pusheen Chiffon Cakes

Giant macaron and giant ice cream sundae! Which is your favourite? <3

Made these for my dear daughter's birthday! She has turned 6 and I truly thank God for her.

She is a cat lover, so every year it is either cat or princess for now =p. These were also in her favourite colours.

These cakes were inspired by Pusheen's surprise toys series. I love Pusheen so much!

I didn't manage to snap a crumb shot in time, so here is a half eaten cake off my daughter's plate =p.

I had a scare last year when she was hospitalized for some time, so her birthday is truly precious to us. May she become a girl after God's heart!

For Pusheen fans, I also have collaborated with Pusheen on a super cute cookbook that is coming out in June! Preorder link here!

Hope you like these cute creations, made with lots of love!

With lots of love,