Thursday, 24 January 2019

'Melt-in-the-mouth' Salted Egg Yolk 'Piggy' Golf ball Pineapple Tarts

What a mouthful for a title =p. I've always been a fan of salted egg yolk! Recently I saw some being sold, and just had to try my own version! I like 'melt-in-the-mouth' type of pineapple tarts, so this is adapted from my previous post, with yummy added salted duck egg yolks!

'Melt-in-the-mouth' Salted Egg Yolk 'Piggy' Golf ball' Pineapple Tarts

Pineapple jam: I used Premium Redman pineapple jam (nice blend of sour and sweetness that I like!)

Cookie Dough (for 60 golf balls):
250g of plain flour, sifted
175g of cold butter cut into small pieces
30g icing sugar
One egg (lightly beaten)
100g salted duck egg yolk crumbs
1 tsp vanilla extract
A pinch of salt

600g pineapple jam (divided into 60 pineapple jam balls of 10g)


1. Mash the egg yolks of the boiled salted eggs and pass through sieve to obtain fine salted egg yolk crumbs. One salted egg yields around 14g of salted egg yolk crumbs for me. I used around 7 salted eggs to make 100g salted egg yolk crumbs. See previous post for more details.

2. Divide into the pineapple jam in to 10g balls with cling wrap separating the layers of balls (remember to wet your hands so they don't stick). Keep in the refrigerator until use.

3. In a big mixing bowl, use the fork or finger tips to rub the cut butter cubes and sifted flour together until it becomes crumbly. Add in sifted icing sugar, salt and salted egg yolk crumbs and continue to rub until well mixed.

4. Add lightly beaten egg and vanilla extract and gently work until it becomes a dough. Chill in the refrigerator for 30 mins (makes dough easier to handle and makes clearer imprints).

5. Roll out the chilled dough to about 5 mm thick. *I rolled the dough between two pieces of cling wrap to prevent dough from sticking to surfaces.

6. Remove one side of the cling wrap and use a circle cutter (5-cm) to cut out the dough. Wrap the dough around each pineapple ball and roll into a smooth ball. For the piggies, use an oval cutter to cut out the nose from the dough and stick onto the face. Cut more ovals, dividing the ovals into 2 for each ears and limbs.

*Tip: If you cannot work quickly enough, I will suggest to remove the dough from the chiller in batches to shape and bake for best shape and results.

7. Prepare the egg wash. Lightly beat 1 egg yolk with 1 tbsp water and a few drops of oil.

8. Lightly brush with egg wash and bake the piggies in the middle rack at 180°C for 15 min.

9. Leave to cool and store in airtight containers until consumption.

*Can keep up to 14 days outside in a cool, dry place, and months in the fridge.

*Other tips:
If you like milky flavour, you can substitute some of the flour with milk powder (10g).
Some recipes also call for cornflour or custard powder (substitute 10g flour with custard powder) for extra melt-in-the-mouth, but final tart may be more crumbly and harder to handle.

My Piggies!

Cross-section... yummy!

Hope you enjoy the tarts too! Happy CNY in advance!

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  1. Do you put a stick between the head and body to stick them together?

  2. Hi Wendy,
    No need =) the dough is sticky.