Wednesday 28 September 2016

'Thomas the Train' Blue pea flowers-2-tone Pandan Chiffon Cake

Ah Thomas the train again! It seems to be so popular among kids. It's one of the hardest characters to make as faces are really difficult to sculpt, but it was requested by a close mummy friend so it was really difficult to refuse her (usually toppers would have been required). The is sculpted from a 'bowl' chiffon cake, and mounted at the side of a 6-inch Blue pea flowers chiffon cake. I also cut blue strip and grey strips from sheet cakes to complete the Thomas profile, using melted marshmallows to stick on. The base is a 9-inch Pandan 2-tone chiffon cake (waves in Creative baking: Chiffon Cakes).

Sorry that my blogging has been so slow lately. I have difficulty juggling with my 3 kids, book launch, cake making, blogging and answering questions =p. Sometimes I'm so busy I feel like a clown! But I'm still current on Instagram as I only need to post pics, especially before I forget that I made it.

Blessed Thursday! Over the mid-week hump.. yay!

With lots of love,

And here's my newest labour of love, at all major bookstores now (Popular, Kinokuniya, Times etc).

It features step-by-step guide to new 3D patterns, cute animals and pops, festive cakes, and an extended 6-page detailed troubleshooting guide and basic section. In addition, there are trending new flavours like Salted egg yolk lava chiffon cake! More information here

There's also a book event coming in Oct, so do look out for the flyer coming soon!


  1. jia you Susanne! really love to see your bakes =)

  2. Hi Susanne, you really did a good job in sculpting Thomas the train's face. Very Nice!