Thursday 28 January 2016

'Snoopy in love' Rainbow Tiedye Heart Chiffon Cake

And this is the lovely Snoopy that was lying on the pillowy Rainbow Tiedye Chiffon Cake!

I posted this separately as the previous was a joint post with the Rainbow Tiedye Cake pops. No molds were used, only carving and a lot of work! ;) The bulk of the weight was on the head, which was supported by the hidden surprise so it didn't sink into the soft cake. Thankful it was very well-received, along with some wonderful cookies made by Phay Shing.

It's made for a dear mummy friend who loves Snoopy. Last year I made my first Snoopy cake for her too. Happy birthday dear Ryan!

With lots of love,

Some good news to update: The Creative Baking: Chiffon Cakes book will be reaching Malaysia end of this week to next week! It's has been restocked at major bookstores in Singapore too =). Thanks everyone for your kind support!

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