Thursday 3 December 2015

Tarepanda '3-tier' Chiffon Cake (Cream cheese, Vanilla & Chocolate-Charcoal Chiffon Cake)

This is a cute 3-tier Tarepanda stack made of Cream cheese, Vanilla and Chocolate-Charcoal Chiffon Cake!!

It was for a lovely mummy friend’s wedding anniversary, hence the Papa panda, Mama panda, and Baby boy panda! In contrast to Tsum Tsum which couldn’t stack, this design is structurally more stable, but I still had to add dowel support to prevent Papa panda below from getting squashed by the Mama and the Baby panda on top LOL, as chiffon cake is very soft.

The Baby boy panda is made from Japanese Cream Cheese Chiffon Cake (recipe scaled down by 1/4) baked in a small (4.5-inch) oval glass bowl. The Mama and Papa pandas are made from Reduced Egg yolk Vanilla Chiffon Cake baked in medium (6-inch) and large (10-inch) oval bowls respectively. The thin black stripe is made by prepiping 2 tsp batter (with ½ tsp charcoal powder) and baking the stripe for 2 min, before pouring the rest of the cheese/vanilla batter into the bowl. Steam baking is used as in ogura cakes for moist texture.

In addition, the feet, eyes and ears were cut from Chocolate Chiffon Cake (with added 1 tsp Charcoal powder) baked as layer cakes (to cut out eyes, ears and tail), and in small oval bowls (to cut out feet).

There was a flavour for everyone! My friend shared her son’s favourite was Chocolate chiffon, while her hubby liked all, especially that the cakes were moist =).

With lots of love,

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