Sunday 6 December 2015

Hot-air Balloon ‘World Map’ Chiffon Cake (Blue pea flower Vanilla - Pandan Chiffon)

My first thought when I got the request for a ‘World map’ cake was ‘wah.. I'm not sure if it's possible..’. Coupled with the ‘Hot-air balloon’, it was really really challenging! Thankfully, my friend was ok with fictitious islands, so here’s my humble attempt at a ‘World map’ Chiffon cake (with a hot-air balloon)! Blue pea flower Vanilla Chiffon Cake was used to make ‘Sea’ and Pandan Chiffon Cake was used to make ‘Land’. The gravity defying Hot-air balloon was also made from chiffon cake from a jumbo egg, so you can imagine how nerve wrecking it was to watch it being transported (chiffon cake is really soft, so the balloon could break easily or drop). It’s really by God’s grace that the chiffon cake was intact and also well-received!

This chiffon cake is actually rather similar to the ‘Moo moo’ Chiffon cake in construction, except that I made the patches more ‘longish’ like continents and have specks of small patches to make the islands.

Freshly unmoulded World Map Chiffon Cake!

 Recipe with picture tutorials is now in Deco Chiffon Cakes book, launched in Oct 2016.

The Hot air balloon is made from Vanilla Chiffon Cake baked in a jumbo egg. The boy’s face is made by piping charcoal and vanilla chiffon batter side by side in a cake pop mold. The basket was made by wrapping layer chiffon cake round into a basket. The construction is actually quite a bit of engineering, using bamboo sticks as supports for the hot air balloon, and a frame for the base support of the egg using an O-ring. My friend shared her boy loved the cake! =)

With lots of love,

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