Sunday, 1 November 2015

Peppa Pig Train 2-Tier Chiffon Cake

This is another Peppa pig creation, this time, Peppa pig and George are sitting into a Chiffon Cake Choo Choo train!

This cake is somewhat a marriage of my 3D Peppa and George 2-Tier Chiffon Cake (or Liam’s cake, as many call it ;)) and my Rainbow Train Chiffon Cake. The challenge this time was to craft and design my chiffon cake carriages and train based on the size of the Peppa and George toppers! And also due to these considerations, the train goes merry-go-round the top tier hee but I kind of like it as it uses the chiffon cake donut shape nicely. I filled the centre hole with a surprise and covered it up with a 'grass patch' made from layer pandan chiffon cake. The train carriages were cut from chiffon cake, with the front carriage assembled using both cut pieces and a swissroll for the front. Engineering chiffon cakes are a lot of engineering work too as chiffon cakes are very soft, so dowel support is needed for pieces not to crush the base chiffon cake. I used a 50:50 ratio for blue pea flowers and pandan chiffon cake this time. This cheerful landscape chiffon cake will be out in the Creative baking: Chiffon cakes book soon! I used cut-outs made from layer chiffon cake for the details like the Peppa house and trees.

I’m super thankful the cake was well-received and it was a joy making the cake! Happy birthday to Evan!

With lots of love,


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    1. Hmm sorry I didn't receive I think. Will drop you an email. Thanks!

  2. Hi, your cake is so pretty. i want to have one for my girl's birthday coming in Jan 2016. Can you please call me at 94370370?
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