Sunday 5 July 2015

'Rabbit in Enchanted Garden' Tier Chiffon Cake

This is another very involved bake requiring a lot of detailing and crafting like the Barnyard, but Garden-themed here. So instead of chiffon cake animals, chiffon cake insects (ladybug, bees, caterpillar and butterflies) and red mushrooms and pretty flowers! Her daughter loved bunnies too so she specially requested for a chiffon cake bunny. Really thank God for helping and that the cake was very well-received and they loved it!

The top tier was orange-lemon chiffon cake and the bottom tier, a reduced egg yolk vanilla chiffon cake. The flowers and green grass were made from cut-outs from chiffon layer cake using flower cutters, and this is also a pinata cake, meaning there were hidden marshmallows surprise within the cake! I may have a separate post on some of the features like chiffon cake mushrooms and caterpillar soon, so stay tuned =).

With love,

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