Wednesday 15 July 2015

Cars 2-Tier Chiffon Cake

This is a Cars-themed 2-tier Chiffon Cake I made for a dear friend's son! The top is a Checkered chiffon cake using Reduced egg yolk vanilla chiffon cake with Charcoal black chiffon cake squares. It looks simple but turned out to be really tedious to make! The bottom is a Dual tone Sky-sand Chiffon Cake with Vanilla (blue pea flowers) on top and Chocolate chiffon cake below separated by wavy lines, like the previous Cars chiffon cake. Like the previous cake, I made some Cactus from mini pandan chiffon cake swissrolls. This time round, I also added a Traffic light cut from charcoal chiffon cake with tiny strawberry, pandan and orange chiffon cake dots, as well as a cute Traffic cone, made from orange chiffon cake baked in a paper cone hehe!

Thank God it was very well-received and my friend said it was really yummy and could taste the orange chiffon even in the mini cone!

With lots of love,

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