Monday 15 June 2015

Ultraman (vs Dino-Monster!) Vanilla-Chocolate Chiffon Cake

I’m just back from the Land of the Rising Sun! Such a coincidence that the cake I made before leaving for Japan was also inspired from there. How many of you remember the popular Japanese superhero Ultraman? He was super popular in his hayday, where he defended the Earth against aliens and monsters. At that time, the technology wasn’t that good so all monsters looked like Godzilla or dinosaurs LOL. This cake depicts the numerous battles he had with the monsters. The cake is made of vanilla and chocolate chiffon cake, the cream coloured portions being vanilla, and the brown (including the dinosaur) being chocolate. The ultraman was made by pre-piping on the features and baking in a mold like in Hello kitty chiffon cake pops, likewise for the dinosaur with chocolate chiffon batter. A whimsical creation made with love, Susanne.

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