Thursday 11 June 2015

Smiley Panda Assorted Macarons

I have a request for panda macarons again but this time, with a smile on their faces! The flavours are the same as my princess crown macaron bake as I made these in one batch. Salted caramel, strawberry and Nutella flavours.

As mentioned in my first panda macaron bake, these are probably the easiest fancy macarons to make. You may refer to that post for the panda macaron shell recipe.

I did not use macaron batter to pipe on the facial features as it would take too long to make precise markings on the face. Here's how I piped...

Freshly baked shells

Freshly decorated with charcoal coloured and white coloured royal icing. A small brush of pink lustre dust for rosy cheeks!

A closer look at the awesome feet! So much easier to get awesome feet on simple round shaped macarons!

Filling up the shells. Yums!

Thank God that these were well received! I was told that they were promptly snapped up at the party :).

With love,
Phay Shing

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