Saturday 23 May 2015

Rainbow Train Chiffon Cake

I made this chiffon cake Choo choo Train with a beautiful Rainbow for my friend’s son who loves trains and her who loves rainbows!

Some of you may recognize the chiffon rainbow from the Rainbow tiers chiffon cake for Samantha. I managed to pipe a 6-colour rainbow this time using a smaller tip (wilton #6). I have previously shared how to make chiffon cake rainbows.

The base chiffon cake is duo-flavoured. The top is vanilla blue-pea flowers chiffon (3 egg yolk recipe) and bottom is pandan chiffon cake (3 egg yolk recipe). Since the chiffon tin is inverted, you need to put the vanilla blue-pea flowers at the bottom, then the pandan batter. Waves are easier to create then straight lines. Just scope the batter in non-uniformly at the sides to create waves.

The trains involve more ‘art-n-craft’. The carriages were cut from chiffon cake baked in square/rectangular tins like ogura cakes (find the smallest tins you can) and then cut into blocks. Then I layered the top with a hollow square cut out from layer chiffon cake to create the depth for cargo (using Yupi gummies that I got from the kids’ stash hehe). The front carriage was cut from chiffon cake in a train-like mold that my dear guru helped me to get in time (thank you!). I modified the design a little by carving, painted in some features then added roofs and wheels (cut from layer chiffon cakes).

The tracks took some time to assemble! The planks are cut from chocolate chiffon cake (2 egg yolk recipe, divided by 3 x 2) baked in a 10-inch baking paper-lined tray, cut into strips, and then I used thin tie wires to create tracks. I actually had grey charcoal chiffon cake ready but it didn’t look as realistic and neat for tracks as the tie wires.

Made with lots of love, very thankful it was well-received.

With love,

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  1. This is so cute! I'm so glad to 'discover' your work today! I work w fondant but this is sooo much healthier. I feel guilty every time I make fondant cakes for the kids.. lol 😂 I will surely start trying to make these. Thank you for your inspiring work!