Wednesday 7 January 2015

Two Princesses 'Hidden Rainbow' Castle Chiffon Cake

This is a Princess Castle made for 2 princesses to live in! One princess stays in the polka dot towers while the other stays in the hearts towers. Everyday, they meet together in the main castle where a big beautiful rainbow resides! This is the tale of the two princesses and this is their dream castle =).

I had the great privilege to build the dream castle for my friend’s two princesses who dreamed of having this castle. The two little girls decided on the design of the swissroll towers as well as the details of the cake. One girl wanted a rainbow cake while the other didn’t want, hence we ended up with a hidden rainbow peeking out from the castle door. One of the princesses even wanted hidden m&m’s so I hid some colourful m&m’s under the main castle tower!

This Two Princess Castle Chiffon Cake is similar to my previous creation Princess Castle Chiffon Cake, except that this time I used Ochikeron’s decoroll recipe for the polka dot and hearts swissroll. In addition, I wrapped a Rainbow Chiffon Cake with a wall of vanilla chiffon layer cake cut with jagged edges.

It was one crazy cake to make! But a very special one!! I was really thankful that I pulled through and the two princesses were very happy (best reward at the end of the day)!!

Happy birthday to Charlotte and Chloe!!

With lots of love,

PS: I have to thank dear Evon for lending me her silicone mats!! ♡


  1. Very impressed with another lovely creation of yours !

    1. Thanks Karen!! You're so lovely and sweet (and savory ;)!

  2. Hi, can I order this castle ? I need it on 14/7 morning