Friday 30 January 2015

Panda Chiffon Cake

This is an adorable Panda chiffon cake I had fun making for a little boy who loves panda! The face is made from vanilla chiffon cake (reduced to 1 egg yolk recipe) baked in my wilton ball cake pan. The ears are charcoal chiffon cake baked in my cake pop maker. The bamboo and leaves and his name are cut out from pandan chiffon cake. These were glued to the cake with melted marshsmallows. The base cake is also a reduced egg yolk vanilla chiffon cake. I made panda paws running over the sides of the cake!

Happy blessed birthday to little Naaman!

With love,

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Stay tuned for more information!!!


  1. Yes ! It's so cute and so adorable. ... feel like hugging it my pillow ! Ha ha !

  2. Susanne, the panda is so cute and adorable, another great chiffon creation from you which awes me again!

  3. Thanks dear Cheryl (baking taitai) and Karen!!

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