Friday, 1 August 2014

Rainbow Snowskin Mooncake

As Mid-autumn festival approaches, the time for making mooncakes is here! Some bloggers have already begun making mooncakes so I am not an early bird. Here's my first set of mooncakes for this year: rainbow snowskin mooncakes!

This is my first attempt at using mooncake mould with a plunger so I can do with some improvements. I used the traditional wooden moulds last year.

I made some cartoon character ones using cookie cutter too!

You may have seen the pinwheel rainbow mooncakes before e.g. on Baking Taitai's blog or from some baking groups. But I am not shy to say that I was the one who came up with this design and posted it in a culinary group a year ago, way before Susanne and I started blogging. It did create a lot of interest back then and many were keen to try making it since it's unique.

The recipe I am using is the one provided at a mooncake making workshop for beginners so we used snow skin premix from Phoon Huat. For more authentic recipes, you may refer to mooncake guru Ann Low's blog. I will focus on showing you how to shape the rainbow mooncake. But for lazy people like me who just wanna have some playdoh fun, here's the recipe:

Ingredients (makes 12 small mooncakes):
186g snow skin premix plus extra for dusting (or 114g icing sugar + 72g "kou fen". Premix contains icing sugar, glutinous rice flour, full cream milk powder and tapioca starch.)
45g shortening
69g water
1/4 tsp pandan flavouring
300g white lotus paste
1 tbs melon seeds, lightly toasted
Liquid food colouring

1. Combine snow skin premix and shortening using the rubbing in method until it resembles fine breadcrumbs.

2. Add in water and pandan flavouring and form a dough.

3. Add toasted melon seeds into the lotus paste and divide into balls of 25g each.

4. Divide the dough into 6 equal portions and color using liquid food colouring. **In order to color them in shades that doesn't end up making the mooncakes neon bright, use a finger to add colouring one dab at a time. I prefer using liquid food colouring for mooncakes because I find gel colouring results in very neon bright colours.

5.  Divide each coloured ball into 2 equal portions. Place one portion in the center of a template drawn on the reverse side of a baking sheet. The template is a circle about 10cm in diameter and divided into 6 equal segments. If you have a protractor that's all you need to draw the template. Flatten the ball of dough and use a bench scraper or butter knife to cut into the six segments as marked out by the template. Repeat for all coloured balls.

6. Assemble the cut up pieces on the template in the order of the colours of the rainbow. Try to make the segments come together at the centre of the circle to get a nice pinwheel effect. Flatten the pieces with a small rolling pin or your palm.

7. Place a ball of lotus paste in the middle and wrap it up, trying your best to seal the seams. Don't worry if the individual pieces seem to want to come apart. They will stick nicely in the mould.

8. Evenly coat the assembly with some snowskin premix and place it in the mould. Punch out the shape and refrigerate until firm (at least 2 hours).

If you want to do some easy foody activity with kids, you may try using cartoon character cookie cutters to make snowskin mooncakes. I had good bonding time with my kids doing that :).

*Update: Please use this updated recipe for a smoother snowskin.

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With love,
Phay Shing


  1. Hi Phay Shing

    Very interesting pinwheel rainbow mooncake pattern. Thank you for sharing your idea. I've gained so much creative knowledges from both you and Ann Low of Anncoo Journal unselfish sharings. Ann's cute piggy mooncakes were such a WOW from my sister's friends.

    Priscilla Poh

    1. Thanks Priscilla! The idea is so simple that I can't keep it to myself ;).

    2. It's always the simple methods that intrigued me. Sometimes simple method yet hard to figure out how to go about doing it. Thank you Phay Shing for sharing which I have gained another knowledge.

      When I see the rainbow snowskin mooncakes in the coming 2014 Mid autumn mooncake festival at Takashimaya Square, I will be able to know how they were made.

      Priscilla Poh

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks dear! You are always so encouraging :). Your rainbow creations are so super gorgeous!

  3. I like rainbow,if can have a bite of your moon cake,i will be very happy today..haha
    Thanks again for your support for linking with BREE ^^

    1. Thanks Fion :). Hope looking at this rainbow brings a smile to your face :). Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi! I hopped in when I saw your beautiful rainbow mooncakes! Really gorgeous!