Wednesday 27 August 2014

Minnie and Mickey Mouse Couple Chiffon Cakes

It was a matter of time that a Minnie mouse chiffon cake would be born to accompany Mickey mouse! They look much happier together, don’t they? :)

The female version was inspired by Minnie mouse’s trademark pretty polka dot red dress and yellow heels! In addition, I made a red bow out of excess batter from the base vanilla chiffon cake.

The chiffon cakes are dual-flavoured with orange (for head and shoes) and vanilla (for the red base) as requested by the mummy. Instead of painting on the buttons/dots, I baked another white vanilla chiffon cake (scaled down to 1 egg yolk) this time round and cut them out using round cookie cutters.

Recipe for the base vanilla (beetroot) chiffon cake is the same as Mickey mouse vanilla chiffon cake. The head and shoes were made from orange chiffon cake, with batter divided into black (charcoal powder) and yellow in 2:1 ratio baked in a big round mould and 2 smaller bowls as previously. I did a little bit of carving to shape the round shoes into heels for the Minnie mouse :). The same vanilla chiffon cake recipe is used for the white cake, scaled down to 1 egg yolk (just divide everything by 3). Remember to omit the beetroot powder for this cake.

Then I filled the chiffon holes with honey stars for a hidden surprise! These were healthier and also added to the mickey mouse theme! :)

Everything was then glued together using melted marshmallows. Just add some water and pop the marshmallows into the oven like how you make fondant. It’s really the best glue for chiffon cake I have used so far. In this version, I further reinforced the chiffon ears using pasta sticks.

Here’s Minnie mouse, the girlfriend chiffon cake! :p

And here’s Mickey mouse, who's not alone any more! :)

Happy birthday to the little cutie!

With love,

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