Tuesday 3 June 2014

Orange Chiffon "Hatching Chicks" Cuppies

I made these cute hatching chicks cuppies for a playdate. It's been a while since I made cute animals cakes so they really made me smile! I hope they make everyone smile too. These are orange flavoured because recently I have been craving for the zesty and fragrant taste of orange chiffon!

I divided the orange batter into two, one for the "chick" in darker shade, and the "shell" (lighter shade) and piped the zigzag lines using the 2 batter to make the hatching chicks :). For a change, I didn't pipe on the features but tried using my food markers. The features drawn on with food markers were good for the first day, but ran a bit by the second day due to the moisture absorbed by the chiffon. So do take note to draw on the features right before serving!

Don't the chiffon cupcakes looks so fluffy and cute? :)

I loved the smell of orange baking in the oven! They came out fluffy-looking and soft like real chicks! :). Tastes even better chilled!

With love,