Monday 10 February 2014

Rainbow Hearts Chiffon Cupcake

Valentine's Day is around the corner! Although hubby and I always believed that everyday should be Valentine's Day, not just 14th of February, I thought some of you may like to prepare some gorgeous and yummy heartsy bakes for your loved ones. So here's my unplanned bake that turned out quite gorgeous -- rainbow chiffon cupcakes with pink heart in the middle!

As I still have mandarin oranges at home, this is another mandarin orange chiffon cake (Again?! Well... I am really trying to clear stock :P). I used the same recipe with the same number of eggs as my mandarin orange chiffon "oranges". The difference is in dividing up, coloring and patterning the cake. I used multipurpose glass bowls for baking these. I used the technique of prebaking the hearts for a couple of minutes before carefully layering the rest of the coloured batter.

GENTLY unmold by hand when they have cooled completely. Place each cake in a paper cupcake liner and you are done...

Well... maybe not quite done. You will still have a rainbow mess to clean up after you have finished making these beauties :P. But I am sure whoever receives these cakes will appreciate your labor of love :).

With love,
Phay Shing

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