Thursday 27 February 2014

6 Flavour Rainbow Chiffon Cake

I had very lovely friends coming over to the "West" to visit all the way from "the other planet" of Singapore (lol!). I wanted to design another pretty 6-flavoured chiffon that was as lovely as them! I came up with a cake with all my favourite elements - rainbow, hearts, flowers - with a very sweet, "beachy" feel (or so I dreamed!).

The recipe and method is pretty similar to that of "6 Flavour Rainbow Hearts Chiffon Cake" with a different flavour to each rainbow layer: red (red bean), orange (orange), yellow (lemon), green (matcha), blue (berries - required the most colours), purple (strawberry-beet). The main difference was in the arrangement of the rainbow batter (layering instead of segmentation), and in the patterning designs. I guess I was overly ambitious with the patterning and wanted to make flowers and hearts with 2 colours, hence I made a vanilla layer cake first that was purple and white (below). After cutting out the flowers and hearts from the layer cake, I incorporated them on the top, sides and also in the cake (hidden hearts) (see pic above).

It was the most complicated cake I had attempted thus far, and I almost gave up halfway as it took really long to work the batter into 6 flavours and colours (see pic above), and really time-consuming to layer the colours over the patterns at the sides and in the cake! I was afraid of overworking the batter and didn't feel confident about the cake at all.

Thank God that they said the texture of the cake was very nice, which was really encouraging for me as I felt like I wouldn't want to bake another cake so soon after this! :) In fact, I would have been so encouraged to bake the next day, if not for the fact that my baby arrived that very day! Lol =)

Might be my last bake for a while! :) A very joyful loving bake! 

I entitled the cake "Chiffonique", after the nickname my lovely friends gave my baby the day before she arrived :D!

With love,

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