Sunday 26 January 2014

Mandarin Orange “吉” Chiffon Cake

It was fun experimenting with my first Chinese New Year chiffon! While admiring an angpow with the character  "吉", I had the sudden idea that the centre of the chiffon tin could make up the "口".

After trying out the Junko recipe for kawaii decoroll, I realized that the key to get a patterning batter of good consistency (not runny) was to add a little bit of cake flour into the patterning batter! This helped a lot in the patterning of subsequent chiffon cakes.

After piping in the "吉", I decided that I couldn't draw nice oranges, so I decided to bake part of the mandarin orange in the cake, then top up with more slices for a 3D effect.

My hubby said that the mandarin oranges still tasted nice and sweet in the cake. 大吉大利 everyone!

With love,

Recipe for this Mandarin Orange “吉” Chiffon Cake is now on Page 121 in my new cookbook Deco Chiffon Cakes, now on CNY promotion (20%) at Popular.

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