Sunday 5 January 2014

Orange Milo Horse Chiffon Cake Pops

When I saw Susanne's rainbow cake pops baked in eggshells, I was so inspired that I decided to try it! I quickly emptied a few eggs, washed the shells and wondered what I should bake. Since this is the Year of the Horse, I decided to do some horsey cake pops :). Next, I had to decide which flavors I should use that go well together and color the cake the right way, naturally if possible. So here's my orange Milo chiffon cake and horse cake pops :)

I ran out of chocolate Pokey sticks at home so one of the horses have a wooden skewer stuck in it. Don't they look cute? They look good for birthday parties of kids who love horses too. I adapted the recipe from Susanne's rainbow cake pops but used orange juice instead and added Milo and cocoa powder to colour the cakes naturally.

I used a small knife and sawing motion to gently cut off a bit of cake from the top of the "head" to create the ears.

I used melted compound chocolate for adding on the horses' hair, eyes and nostrils. You may wish to pipe more chocolate on top and down the back of the horses' heads to form the mane. Let the chocolate air dry completely.

Use a toothpick or wooden skewer to make a hole at the bottom of the cakepop. Insert a biscuit stick into the hole when you are almost ready to serve to prevent the biscuits from going soft too much.

My kids had lots of fun eating these and couldn't help smiling when they see these cute cakes :). I hope they put a smile on your face too!

With love,
Phay Shing

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