Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Deer Squad Chiffon Cakes

Very excited to partner with Nickelodeon to share their brand new animation Deer Squad and to create chiffon cakes inspired by their characters! 💖

Meet Nickelodeon's Deer Squad! Introducing Kai, Lola, Rammy and Bobbi — the 4 loveable deers who protect the world around them using their planet powers. Water! Sun! Earth! Wood! Planet Powers, fight for good!💪💖

Watch Deer Squad on Nickelodeon, weekdays @ 2.15pm (SG), 3pm (WIB), 4pm (MY/PH)!

Head on over to to catch the trailer and get a FREE Deer Squad Starter Kit, where you can take a quiz to find your inner deer, make your own helmet and more!

My kids loved the cartoon and the kit! This was one of the more difficult projects of late. Thank God for providing!

Take care and stay safe!

With lots of love,

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