Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Witch Pusheen Chiffon Cake

Witch Pusheen is stirring up a blue pea flower cauldron of #meowgical potions! 🤩

Entirely made chiffon cake, including the pot, spoon, squashes, hat and of course the Pusheen! =)

This is actually part of a collaboration with Pusheen, for their limited fairytale meowgical fall edition. I am honored and thankful for the opportunity. The actual Pusheen plush has a glowing flashing blue pot! I can only make blue pea flower soup hehe =p

Hope you liked this cute creation!

With lots of love,


  1. Wow...amazing....really cant understand what bowl or mould used to baked out tall n long chiffon...really so surprise ler...what u use??���� Sam

    1. Thanks I used a cone =) - Susanne (using my pc)

    2. Thanks for your replied Susanne..The cone without tube in middle? mind to share how it look like? so curious..Coz chiffon cake normally need tube pan to climb raise tall right if not mistaken..Thanks alot