Monday, 9 July 2018

'Little Miss Chatterbox' Chiffon Cake

Does she make you smile? =)

This is a Little Miss Chatterbox I made after my visit to the cutest new Mr Men, Little Miss Pop-up at Kumoya! Everything was so happy, I just couldn't stop smiling while I was there! =) Thank God the cake was very well-received too!

I used the same Strawberry-Vanilla Chiffon Cake recipe here as my Super Mario (recipe in link). For the yellow hair, I just piped some yellow batter to the base of the bowl before adding the rest of the pink batter. The hands, hair and feet are also made from chiffon cake batter in silicone cake pop molds (picture here).

Have a happy, blessed week!

Best wishes,


  1. She sure did bring a smile to my face, I love her! So adorable, thanks for the idea!