Monday, 11 June 2018

Gold and Pink Minnie Themed Cookiepops

Now that I am busy with bakes for my Creative Baking: Macaron Basics photoshoot, I can finally slowly clear my backlog of blog posts that have been collecting dust as drafts 😂. Quite a few of the backlog posts are cookie bakes because these usually take a backseat compared to other more exciting bakes. Nonetheless, I would like to present the full scope of what I do when possible. I don't just bake macarons and cakes all the time 😅. The reason why all my junior chef classes are cookie classes (so far) is because they taste great! I have direct feedback from both parents and kids who attend my classes.

I made this Minnie Mouse themed cookiepops at the end of last year for a little girl's first birthday.

These are made using my all-time favourite brown sugar cookie recipe. Both cookie and royal icing recipe can be found here.

Just to share a couple of pictures...

Freshly baked cookie pops!

Do note that for cookie pops, I use wooden sticks as they are safe to go into the oven. I also cut out two 4mm thick cookie dough cutouts for each cookie pop and sandwich the stick between the two cutouts before baking.

All wrapped up and ready to party!

With love,
Phay Shing

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