Sunday 25 February 2018

‘Gudetama’ Tamago Sushi Chiffon Cake

Gudetama, in the form of a Tamago Sushi! Aww isn’t this cute? Can you describe his priceless expression?

This cake was a bit of a crazy experiment. I had the idea of a standing Tamago sushi for a while, but wasn't sure if it would work out =p. I'm glad it did! It was a joy designing it, and it did make me and the recipient smile!

The Tamago was made by baking lemon chiffon cake in a rectangular pan. The rice was from reduced egg yolk vanilla chiffon cake using a super tall chiffon pan (or you can stack 2 short cakes). You can follow the links to their recipes shared previously. The sushi belt was cut from chocolate charcoal chiffon sheet cake (also shared in the previous recipe). The belt was stuck on using melted chocolate or marshmallow.

Hope this made you smile too!

With lots of love,

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Happy CNY! 

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