Saturday 29 April 2017

Paw Patrol 'Chase' Chiffon Cake

This is my humble attempt at a Paw Patrol 'Chase' Chiffon Cake for a dear mummy friend some time back! Thank God it was well-received and everyone said it looked like stuffed toy! For those who are not familiar, 'Chase' is the name of a police dog in the cartoon Paw Patrol. Very cute cartoon with pups sliding down a long slide round the tower each time there's a rescue mission.

For the base cake, I used the same recipe as my previous Chocolate-Orange Giraffe Chiffon Cake, except that I piped the orange batter on one side only to form the face. For the top cake, I used the same recipe as my previous Minions chiffon cake, with blue forming 2/3 and yellow 1/3 instead.

The ears were cut from excess chocolate batter baked as sheet cake - make 2 cuts using the same circle cutter. The nose was cut from a round cake pop baked in 5-cm cake pop mold (slice off 3 sides). Other details eg eyes were also cut from sheet cakes; you can also pipe them on using melted chocolate. I used melted marshmallows as glue (pop a few marshmallows with a sprinkle of water and microwave for 30 sec). I also used a Paw patrol badge cookie cutter from JB cookie cutters.

With lots of love,

Some exciting news, Chinese version (繁体) of my Deco Chiffon Cakes is coming! It will be available in HK, Taiwan and Macau from May 2017!

This is taken from a page of the book, some of you may encounter problems in patterning chiffon cake batter or folding multiple colours. Deco Chiffon Cakes or 造型雪纺蛋糕 has a 6-page extended troubleshooting guide specially addressing these issues:

Links to the English versions:



  1. Another awesome bake!!! *Super Love*
    I've a few queries which I'll be most grateful if you could please advise:
    A. You piped the orange batter (for the face) and bake it before pouring the rest of the batter?
    B. Is the pan placed upright in the oven when baking the orange batter (for the face)? Won't the orange batter slide down?
    C. Are the eyes made of chiffon sheets stacked on top of another (white-brown-black-white), or are they piped and baked as 1 chiffon sheet?
    Sorry for the trouble and thank you in advance.


    1. Yes to all =) A yes. B yes, won't slide. C yes cut outs. Thanks

    2. Thanks, Susanne!!!


  2. just stumbled on your website!! oh my word simply amazing-How do I get your books? I am in South Africa, a self taught baker-Macarons is my thing but only trying the characters this week! But now I'm also interested in your chiffon cakes! Love your work

  3. Hi Susanne,

    I'm amazed by your creations. Can I check if you take in order?


  4. Hi Susanne,
    You are really amazing! You cakes made my day! So pretty!
    May I know if you take orders? As in, can we purchase your cakes?
    Thank you!

  5. May I know how much you charge for this cake and how big is this cake (I.e. it's for how many people?)


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