Friday 6 January 2017

Paw Patrol Assorted Macarons

My friend wanted to throw a Paw Patrol themed birthday party for her daughter so she requested for brown sugar cookies and macarons from me. Here's the macaron version of some of the characters!

The details and design are rather intricate so newbies will find it challenging or a great test of patience to make a set of these. For the majority of you viewing this post, I suppose it will be for your viewing pleasure only because few people are insane enough to attempt this :p

I used the reduced-sugar macaron shell recipe. Both regular and reduced sugar recipes can be found here. You may refer to my Creative Baking: Macarons book for a systematic presentation of the basics and complex shaped macarons. You may refer to my video tutorials for macaron basics and piping of complex shapes on the blog too.

Just to share some photos of the process...

Piping out Marshall

Piping out Ryder

Piping out Chase

Piping out Rubble. Please excuse the way I used the tray. I was trying to squeeze as many shells into a single round of bake so I broke up the portion for Rubble

Freshly baked shells!

Decorating the shells with edible marker and royal icing...

It took me one and a half days of intensive work to decorate the shells!

I filled the shells with two flavours as requested. Lychee swiss meringue buttercream and dark chocolate ganache with lemon curd.

Remember to store the macarons in airtight container in the fridge. Let them sit at room temperature for about 10 minutes before eating.

With love,
Phay Shing


  1. Wow, your PAW Patrol macarons look amazing! Love them all! :)

  2. You're amazing! Bought your book and love it! I wonder if you could share the paw patrol macarons template with us? Thank you! More power and blessings to you! ��

    1. Thank you :). Sorry I can't share as it is trademarked but you may find the images easily from the Internet to make your own templates

  3. Hi, Do you still do Paw Patrol macarons?