Tuesday 18 October 2016

Snorlax and Pokeball Chiffon Cakes

Pokemon go again! =p I've previously made 3D Snorlax and 3D Pokeball Chiffon Cakes. After chatting with some friends, I realized most were afraid to try the 3D versions. Hence, when I got request to make Snorlax and Pokeball again this week, I decided to try simpler cute 2D versions that may be more popular.

For Snorlax, similar to my 3D version, I used blue pea flowers for the blue, here I further added 1/2 tsp pandan paste to make it teal colour, but you can choose to omit it. Recipe for blue pea flowers chiffon cake is here. Replace pandan batter with vanilla batter by omitting the pandan paste so that you get cream batter. Spoon the cream batter in the U shape before adding the blue batter. Spoon the cream batter upwards as you continue to add blue batter. I did not need to prebake the cream batter here.

For the Pokeball, I used the same recipe as Singapore flag-raspberry jello Chiffon cake (with strawberry jello instead). Instead of spooning upwards, I spoon the red batter on the right and the cream batter on the left.

For the facial features and details, I used chiffon sheet cakes (charcoal and leftover red/cream batter), but you can also pipe on with melted chocolate.

There are more picture tutorials on how to spoon batter to make various patterns in Deco Chiffon Cakes, as well as tips for Deco Chiffon. The focus of the second book is more on patterns, while first book is more Rainbow in nature. Hope you will find it useful!

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Kinokuniya book event this Sat, 4pm!

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