Wednesday 13 July 2016

Rapunzel Chiffon Cake

This is borne from my castle chiffon cakes, a little different here as there’s only one tower, and on a two-tone pandan chiffon landscape. I loved this very much because of the medieval feel. Though there was only one tower here, it was one of my more nerve wrecking castles as it’s my tallest thus far. I made a pop-out attic, capped by a blue cone. The base is made a two-tone pandan chiffon cake – waves in Creative baking: Chiffon Cakes.

With love,
ps: I have difficulty coping with blogging, baking and 3 kids hence the short post.. really apologize for that... and have a blessed day!


  1. Hi Susanne,
    Understandable ... No worries, just keep us posted on all the amazing and lovely pictures ok !

  2. Hi Susanne, this cake looks so stunning and amazing!

    1. Thank you Jasline @ Foodie Baker! Thanks for your kind words, you have such a beautiful blog!